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I could have everything I wanted
if only I knew what it was.

lifelong goals include being satisfied with what i have and crying from happiness

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The guy on the left, since he shows clear disgust with having his picture taken suddenly without permission. The guy on the right has had so little sleep that his grip on reality and emotions has left him
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I just wanna ride around on my bike at 4am when there are no cars out but the weather still sucks

also need to go to the gym soon to destress and just be healthier overall but I’m getting sick and :((((


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oh, how things have changed

My first two years of university sucked like hell because of my depression, but now that I’ve gotten that problem solved for the most part, my life has turned around completely. I know I’ve talked about this a lot but it’s still astounding to me that after over 10 years of depression and feeling like I wasn’t going anywhere with life, I managed to get into one of the top 100 universities in the world, and now I’m actually doing more than just barely getting by. 

I actually feel pretty good about my grades for this semester. I know I’m going to get at least a 3.0, but I might even be able to push beyond that with the way my grades look right now. I’m pretty confident about my two summer courses as well, and my fall semester will just be 12 credits since I’m only taking advanced level courses now so I’m not too worried. 

Early August is going to be super busy for me because my online class ends around then (which means a final), and I have an internship, plus I have to move. BUT I don’t mind moving at all because I’ll be living with two really cool people that I adore and we all have similar taste and habits, so our apartment is going to be dope as hell and awesome and great and yay!

The internship is technically with Hope to Future, a Korean organization that works to give students from Korea a change to work with people from other countries to expand their horizons and stuff, which partners up with WFUNA, which puts the students through the advanced training at the UN. My job is pretty much to make the schedules for the students to follow, lead the students through everything kind of like a camp counselor (single I’m bilingual), as well as take the WFUNA’s advanced training program at the UN alongside the foreign students. Plus it’s only like two weeks long and I get all my expenses (minus personal spending) paid for! Amazing opportunity just from having the right connections. Really, just from the connections. Life is all about connections.

So yeah. Overall, things are looking pretty good right now, and I’m excited to keep moving forward. 

Ah yes, finally after 5 years of underage drinking, here I am, still underage drinking.